As database and storage administrators and engineers, it is important to understand the effect that storage has on databases and the impact of storage performance.
    Keywords: dba | IOUGenius | storage
    Oracle’s new autonomous database deploys, optimizes, patches and secures itself, all without human assistance. Jeff Erickson, Oracle editor-at-large, spoke with five database experts at COLLABORATE 2018 to get their thoughts on this exciting, new technology.
    Keywords: autonomous database | COLLABORATE 2018 | IOUGenius | Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
    It’s mid-1986, and this kid is out of college with his computer programming diploma and other credentials. I have just spent six months enjoying yet more COBOL/JCL programming on Amdahl mainframes with CICS and TSO … yes, dinosaur acronyms from the 1980s.
    Keywords: dba | IOUGenius
    Once again, we find ourselves on the other side of COLLABORATE 2018 – IOUG Forum. Back to work we go, bringing new information and our learnings from the previous week back to our respective day-to-day roles.
    Keywords: Automation | cloud | dba | IOUGenius
    It comes as no surprise that patching is a very important part of securing the database. Security patches that are released quarterly by Oracle reduce the risk in the environment by closing the door on known vulnerabilities that are addressed in the patch.
    Keywords: IOUGenius | patching | Security
    Oracle is directing customers to the cloud as a future direction for application and database services.
    Keywords: #Cloud | #CloudComputing | #COLLABORATE17 | IOUGenius
    Find out how you can contribute to this exciting new content hub.
    Keywords: #COLLABORATE17 | Department | IOUGenius | SELECT
    At the end of the football season I look back at how well I predicted the outcomes against the spread. My correct selections for the season totaled 51.56%, good enough for 25th place out of 150 people. I hope my data predictions for this coming year stack up a little better.
    Keywords: #BigData | #CloudComputing | #DataWarehouse | IOUGenius
    In the years that I have worked with databases and DBAs, there is a common phrase that I have frequently heard in the community, “Well, I am just a DBA”. Sometimes that statement is preceded or followed by “What do I know?”.
    Keywords: Department | IOUGenius
    For all those waiting for Oracle database 12c Release 2, it is time! 12cR2 has been showcased and is already available in the public cloud, which means it is time to start planning those upgrades.
    Keywords: 12c | From the Editor | IOUGenius | Michelle Malcher
    Security is a major topic in today’s world. As I’m writing this, I have just completed another quarterly security audit on critical systems. This doesn’t sound like the traditional job of a DBA, but managing storage, backups, monitoring, patching, performance tuning and security are all DBA tasks.
    Keywords: #Cloud | #security | IOUGenius
    In sports, we talk about defense being a team game. One person alone cannot save a team from defeat; the entire team must work together to support a strong defense in order to win. It takes more than a hot goalie to win. The same can be said in the age of big data.
    Keywords: #BigData | IOUGenius

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