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    It’s easy in the tech world to value deeper and deeper expertise on increasingly arcane topics. We build self-images and reputations around expertise on the finer points of technology and sometimes miss the greater gains to be had.
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    What to write about? It’s a question I get fairly often, and it’s a question that any author – whether of books or blog posts – eventually struggles with. How does an author move from the desire or promise to write into having a topic that readers might be expected to care about?
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    I don’t get paid to be wrong all the time, but am I wrong often enough? Without the possibility of being wrong, am I learning, or have I stagnated? People say with great risk comes great reward, yet it must also follow that with great risk may come catastrophe. One cannot be true without the other.
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    Are you a DBA? Larry Ellison wants to eliminate your job. I heard him say so at OpenWorld. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Autonomous Databases. Typewriter and Computer used to be job titles, but today those words refer to objects.
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    I’m often asked what it’s like to work with a publisher and write a book. Today I’m pleased to introduce Alexandru Jecan, who has graciously agreed to answer some questions and talk about his experience book.
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    Early June found me in a motel room in Rochester, Minnesota. I was staring at the parts you see strewn all over the table in Figure 1. You see, I had decided to build my first-ever bicycle wheel. This was an effort outside my comfort zone – intimidating to contemplate, as it is for many cyclists. Ye
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    Microsoft’s cloud-based Power BI service makes it easy to move data into the cloud and provide dashboards, visualizations and ad-hoc query capabilities to others in the same organization. Power BI is power to the people to ask questions and get answers.
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    Writing my first-ever book chapter, I began typing toward my 30 pages and threw in headings every so often as the thought occurred. The result was a disorganized tangle, and my poor editor spent the next several chapters educating me about structure and the proper use of headings.
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    The secret to strong content is to first start with a solid outline. There a few different ways in which to approach the outlining process.
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    If reading is fundamental, then writing isn’t far behind. Reading and learning cannot occur without people of vision sitting down to plan and communicate a message, or a story. Writing is needful in any field of endeavor, and those who write are the ones who shape and mold the future.
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    Who are the editors?
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    One of my favorite activities when traveling is to set aside unstructured time to walk about and explore whatever area I happen to be in.
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