We asked the SELECT editors what they’re looking forward to most at COLLABORATE 19, why they keep coming back, advice for fellow attendees, and which sessions they’ve already earmarked.
    Keywords: COLLABORATE 19 | Feature
    This article will help folks understand what it requires to go to the cloud and demonstrate some common errors that may occur when moving databases to a cloud provider.
    Keywords: cloud migration | Feature
    This article – the second in this ongoing series – focuses on how easy it is to leverage Oracle APEX to build the first of several components of a sufficiently-robust application for election canvassers to identify, classify, and inform voters in a huge northwest suburban Chicago voting district.
    Keywords: Feature
    We asked the SELECT Editors what’s on the top of their 2019 DBA wish list. What follows are the submissions we received – from cloud credit, to proper punctuation and even a Super Bowl win.
    Keywords: Feature
    This article explains how to configure Oracle API Gateway as a cluster on Solaris SPARC.
    Keywords: Feature
    The frenetic pace of application development in modern IT organizations means it’s not unusual to demand an application be built with minimal requirement gathering—literally, from a napkin-based sketch—to a working first draft of the app within extremely short time frames—even a weekend!—with produc
    Keywords: DevOps | DevOps and the Modern Enterprise | Feature
    With 12cR2 version of the Oracle Database, one has the ability to clone a database (also known as hot-cloning) without the restriction of read-only or downtime on the source. Also, hot-cloning can be achieved without an existing backup of the source.
    Keywords: Feature | hot-cloning | oracle | Oracle 12cR2 | Oracle Database 12c | Oracle db12c | remote database
    The term DevOps – or the methodology that promotes closer collaboration between development and IT operations teams – was coined nearly 10 years ago by Patrick DeBois. In this article from DBTA, IT execs share their predictions on DevOps in 2019.
    Keywords: dba | DevOps | DevOps and the Modern Enterprise | DevOps predictions | Feature | Future of DevOps | Future of IT
    Organizations have adopted the cloud with open arms and for good reason, but not without challenges.
    Keywords: cloud | cloud computing | Feature
    Join Bert Scalzo and Jim Czuprynski, Oracle ACEs and experienced Oracle database administrators, for a casual give-and-take on what they have recently seen in the current Cloud marketplace … as well as some timely advice for considering what you’ll need to do when moving to the Cloud.
    Keywords: cloud | cloud migration | Exadata | Feature
    When the rubber meets the road, it seems like the database, operations and development teams are never quite in-sync. Solving these issues is the primary motivator behind DevOps.
    Keywords: DevOps | DevOps and the Modern Enterprise | Feature
    How is DevOps changing the DBA role? What are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead? Joyce Wells, DBTA editor, spoke with Patrick O’Keeffe, Quest Software vice president of engineering, to learn more.
    Keywords: DBTA | DevOps | DevOps and the Modern Enterprise | Feature
    While migrating Oracle applications from physical to virtual OVM environments can be straightforward, it is important to take into consideration configuration issues regarding the interaction of the Operating System environment to the Virtual Environment.
    Keywords: Feature | Logical Volume Manager | LUN connections | OVM | SELECT
    Like so many other buzz words in Information Technology today, there is no single agreed upon definition that has been set forth for DevOps, so the editors at SELECT decided that before we publish articles on DevOps, we should first describe what we view DevOps really means.
    Keywords: DevOps | DevOps and the Modern Enterprise | Feature
    A Q&A by Joyce Wells, DBTA, featuring Shay Shmeltzer, Director of Product Management for Oracle Cloud Development Tools
    The concepts of Agile methodology and continuous delivery have become popular in software development, yet they are somewhat less mature among DBAs and database developers.
    Keywords: DBTA | DevOps and the Modern Enterprise | Feature
    How can we lower latency and speed up data delivery? Irrespective of the target database, the desirable answer for the person responsible for implementing the data integration strategy may be to employ parallel processing.
    Keywords: Feature | HVR
    On August 7, 2018, Oracle announced and made immediately available Oracle 18c autonomous database in the Oracle Cloud for transaction processing. Learn what it means for DBAs.
    Keywords: autonomous database | Feature | Oracle 18c
    Our university has been live in a Cloud environment since December 2016. This is the story of how we got there. This paper outlines the major factors that shaped the project in terms of scope, hardware/software decisions, coordinating local/remote services and security.
    Keywords: cloud | cloud migration | Feature
    This post provides a set of best practices to facilitate cloud migrations with minimal downtime and minimal risk, irrespective of the type of cloud service you plan to adopt, focusing on the application data that has to be migrated.
    Keywords: Feature
    In an age where increased productivity is the gold standard, DBAs seek new ways to become more efficient. Amazon Web Services, an IOUG partner, recognizes this need and recently announced two new features to reduce and optimize vCPUs on the Amazon Relational Database Service for Oracle Database.
    Keywords: Amazon RDS for Oracle | Amazon Relational Database Service | Feature | Oracle Database
    It’s clear that Oracle currently has two key focus areas: the Autonomous Cloud Database and security. There is plenty of attention on the first item as it is new and revolutionary in many ways, but security also deserves emphasis, as it is ubiquitous to databases.
    Keywords: Feature
    Many Exadata customer faces a common dilemma when it comes to additional storage options for their Exadata environments, especially for backup and recovery of their large databases.
    Keywords: Exadata | Feature
    We will walk through the remainder of the setup - post the initial deployment. The main purpose of this article is to test and demonstrate that the data is indeed being distributed across the shards.
    Keywords: Feature | Nassyam Basha | shard
    Oracle 18c became available on Oracle Cloud and Engineered systems in February 2018 and for DBaaS in March 2018. Though not yet available on-premise; the release cycle has begun.
    Keywords: Feature
    The year was 1993. Intel introduced the world to its Pentium Processor and Microsoft just released Windows NT 3.1. Web browsing became popular for the general public through Mosaic, and gamers worldwide got their first glimpse of a game named 'Doom'.
    Keywords: Feature
    Everything around us today is an outcome of the Industrial Age. The 250-plus years of changes allow a toaster in every house, a car in every driveway, and a computer in every pocket. It’s hard to imagine the amount of change that workers have gone through during this period.
    Keywords: Feature
    Cybercrime is real. By 2021, estimates say the annual worldwide cost for cybercrime damages will reach $6 trillion . 65% of organizations say their in-house security capabilities are adequate —yet 80% have been negatively affected by a cybersecurity attack in the last year2.

    The average cost of a d
    Keywords: Feature
    You can recover a database - great. You can tune SQL - sweet! You even know how to write some PL/SQL when push comes to shove - watch out Developers!!! The aforementioned are great skills to have - if it was the year 2010.
    Keywords: artificial intelligence | blockchain | dba | Feature | IoT
    There are many use cases for utilizing the public cloud. Hosting applications are certainly one of the most important and complex use case for using the public cloud. Some organizations have already adapted the public cloud for running their applications.
    Keywords: Feature
    The Oracle database is constantly evolving. The release 12.1 of the database brought the container database architecture, the biggest change in the architecture of the Oracle database since Oracle 6.
    Keywords: Feature
    It's 2018 and eBusiness Suite is cool again. Go figure.

    While many Oracle application customers have bought into the vision of SaaS solutions, existing eBusiness suite customers are finding a new renaissance in their old applications.
    Keywords: Feature
    We live in an information age, and from young to old we all want to have information at our fingertips. This does not just apply to the consumption of news or social media, but it is simply a fact that many businesses will close their doors if they lose (or lose access to) their data.
    Keywords: COLLABORATE 2018 | disaster recovery | Feature
    In most cases CPU utilization is a direct result of how quickly can the storage architecture respond to the IO request. Generally speaking, the lower the CPU utilization, the more time the CPU is waiting for the storage architecture to respond.
    Keywords: Feature | storage
    For years, DBAs’ primary responsibilities have been aimed at ensuring that data is safely, securely, accurately, and appropriately stored, managed, and maintained. However, with the rise of new data types and increasing data volumes, data environments are changing, and so, too, are the roles of DBAs
    Keywords: DBTA | Feature
    One of the common misconceptions about any cloud-based Relational Database Service is that it is essentially a "DBA-as-a-Service" - all of the database administration tasks are handled by the cloud provider, and there is no need for a DBA to provide her functional expertise.
    Keywords: database | Database as a Service | Feature
    There have been studies done by various researchers and companies on the causes of data loss. Generally, these lists include hardware failure, human error, software corruption, and computer viruses.
    Keywords: Feature
    It’s no secret that data management has changed dramatically in the nearly 10 years since the onslaught of “big data.” A decade ago, the relational database management system (RDBMS) ruled the enterprise.
    Keywords: Big Data | cloud | dba | Feature
    In first article in this series, we reviewed in depth the architecture of Oracle Sharding and the various technical components. This article purely focuses on prerequisites and the initial deployment steps.
    Keywords: Feature | shard
    Security is nothing new to the DBA. Granting privileges, creating roles and auditing logons have been part of the DBA task list since the beginning. However, the security role is changing and the protection of the data is more than just creating users and managing permissions.
    Keywords: database | Feature | Security
    As the use of cloud as a database platform expands and automated capabilities increase, there are new opportunities for DBAs to move beyond operations and emergency fire-fighting and instead get involved in more innovative, high-level tasks that bring additional value to their organizations.
    Keywords: cloud | cloud computing | dba | Feature
    During some ongoing recent research into Database In-Memory features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for COLLABORATE18, I recently had a chance to dive deeply into the features of Oracle Public Cloud’s Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service (also known as Exadata Express).
    Keywords: cloud | Exadata | Feature
    Blockchain or Blockchain as a Service? If you are like me, the use of the aforementioned sentence ender is the correct punctuation mark. To be clear, I didn’t immediately recognize the technology. However, if I said the word Bitcoin (aka cryptocurrency), you would likely recognize the name.
    Keywords: Feature
    Recently, Oracle announced Oracle Database 12c Release 2 which added various new features, one of which is database native “Sharding”. In this three part article series we will cover this new feature in depth.
    Keywords: Feature
    DevOps automation is often associated only with tools that work with Virtual Machines at the hypervisor or operating system level.
    Keywords: developer | Feature
    September 13 will be a day of learning around Oracle Database 12cR2. Join experts for the Oracle Master Class, which will focus on two of the most compelling features - Multitenancy and Database In-Memory (DBIM) - with plenty of discussion around other pertinent features.
    Keywords: Feature | oracle
    Before Oracle introduced dual format memory architecture, it was very challenging to find the best approach to accelerate the performance of OLAP and OLTP in the same database. We witnessed two types of DBMS in the market, columnar oriented and row-major oriented.
    Keywords: Feature | SELECT Journal
    IT organizations face huge challenges with data management performance, capacity and cost due to exponential growth of data. To provide more cost effective storage solution, Solid State Disk (SSD)-based storage can be combined with traditional HDD-based storage to form a tiered solution.
    Keywords: Feature | Kai Yu | Oracle Database 12c | Oracle Database Storage | storage | storage tiering
    This is part one of an article series focused on new Oracle 12c R1 and R2 new features and will cover upgrade paths, INMEMORY_SIZE, In-Memory Column store, 12cR2 advancements with Approximate Query, Multiple Indexes on the same Column, In-Memory Virtual Columns in 12cR2 and more.
    Keywords: 12c | best practices | Feature | Oracle Database 12c | Oracle Database In Memory | rich niemiec
    As many organizations look to the cloud as a way to improve agility and flexibility, they are introduced to new cloud terminology: “Bare Metal Cloud,” or “Dedicated Instances." Learn the ins and outs of Oracle Bare Metal Services, along with benefits and capabilities.
    Keywords: bare metal cloud | cloud | cloud infrastructure | dedicated instances | Feature | Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services | reference
    Oracle DBAs possess diagnostic prowess and, thus, add value to their IT organization. They can actively and accurately diagnose depreciatory behavior patterns and less-than-progressive ways of thinking, including Uniquitis, HypoRMANosis, Tengenertia, Toolichondria and Idiomyopia.
    Keywords: dba | definitions | diagnostic | Feature | Jim Czuprynski
    Learn how to implement Exadata without any previous implementation experience and get the most out of you Exadata Machine. This article describes an Exadata implementation strategy made up of five implementation phases: planning, migrating, optimizing, testing and the final cutover.
    Keywords: data migration | Exadata | Exadata Database Machine | Feature | implementation
    The Oracle Exadata Database Machine was first introduced by Oracle in 2008. This article will take you through different phases of Exadata deployment and clearly define responsibilities of each group involved, during each phase.
    Keywords: #Exadata | Deployment | Feature | Oracle Exadata Database Machine | Primer
    Database benchmarking can be a very useful skillset for any Oracle DBA to possess when attempting to provide opinions or research-based insights relating to complex technical questions about the business’ current or planned information technology strategy.
    Keywords: Feature
    As the second in a two-part series, we lay out the steps that help clearly articulate what should be audited and why, using national and international security standards as the basis of the rationale.
    Keywords: audit | database | Feature | Frank Pound
    Get an up-close look at a smart solution for the water deionization industry using the Oracle IoT Cloud.
    Keywords: Feature | Oracle IoT Cloud
    Tools that utilize logical replication are very effective for migrating to Oracle 12c and offer zero or near-zero downtime for your business.
    Keywords: 12c | Donna Guazzaloca-Zehl | Feature
    In this second and final part of this series, we illustrate how to use the latest features of RAT in Oracle Database 12c to replay the
    workloads previously captured to determine if there will be any
    significant variance in application performance.
    Keywords: 12c | Feature | Jim Czuprynski
    This article — the first in a two-part series — discusses the new features of RAT in 12cR1.It then illustrates how to capture an actual application workload from a pre-12c Oracle Database for eventual replay and analysis against an Oracle 12c Database.
    Keywords: 12c | Feature | Jim Czuprynski
    A discussion about security between Der’ly M. Gutierrez, OnX Enterprise Solution’s strategic security solutions architect lead, and Jim Czuprynski, OnX’s resident Oracle ACE director.
    Keywords: Feature

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