Managing an Exadata Server is a great way to jump from being a normal DBA to great DMA (Database Machine Administrator), and get into the nitty-gritty details of storage administration. This tip will share some Exadata Storage maintenance jobs, how to manage them and at which logs to look.
    Keywords: Department | Exadata | storage
    If you are in any IT role, you are probably part of teams and/or initiatives that want to move your organization to the cloud in whole or in part.
    Keywords: cloud | Department
    Enterprise IT responsibilities are growing the number of applications, and the amount of data being managed is continuing to grow. The release of the ‘2018 Information Technology Performance Excellence Survey: Behind Every Cloud Transformation, There’s Well-Functioning IT’
    Keywords: cloud | cloud infrastructure | Department
    Back in the early Oughties of this century, I attended a meeting in downtown Chicago at which Oracle announced the imminent release of Oracle Database 10g.
    Keywords: Big Data | database | Department | Oracle OpenWorld
    The time has arrived for the Data Lake to come of age. We now have the technology to build a vibrant and productive solution which can evolve a company into an agile data-driven organization.
    Keywords: #BigData | Department
    “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do consistently” (Tim Ferriss - Tools of Titans. p.185)
    Keywords: dba | Department
    A few years ago, a large public utility in the Midwest was running several important web services on WebLogic 11g.
    Keywords: Department | middleware
    Michelle Malcher, security architect and Select executive editor, shares the benefits and rewards of being an active volunteer within the IOUG community and the database community at large.
    It may seem difficult to believe the rewards outnumber the time and effort put into volunteering.
    Keywords: Department
    September 13 will be a day of learning around Oracle Database 12cR2. Join experts for the Oracle Master Class, which will focus on two of the most compelling features - Multitenancy and Database In-Memory (DBIM) - with plenty of discussion around other pertinent features.
    Keywords: Department
    The database needs storage and memory, an obvious statement. This also seems to be what the database administrator is always asking for, more disk and more memory. It is possible with Automatic Storage Management (ASM) to take advantage of any new storage technology.
    Keywords: Department | SELECT Journal | storage
    The role of database administrator is critical within any organization. As you evolve from a junior administrator to a senior administrator, you not only take on more responsibilities, you accept the duty of guiding the role’s future and the safekeeping of your organization’s data.
    Keywords: DBA 201 | Department | mentoring | Michelle Malcher | training
    The COLLABORATE 17 conference for Oracle professionals has come and gone for 2017. It was an event which illustrated the disruptive changes we are currently experiencing in technology. The age of Big Data has moved the needle for data professionals.
    Keywords: Big Data | COLLABORATE 17 | Department | Ian Abramson | rdbms
    So you've made the decision to be an Oracle DBA. Where do you go now? You must consider two things in your earliest days: How are you going to learn, and what things do you want to ensure you do or avoid doing?
    Keywords: best practices | DBA 201 | Department | resource
    The Internet of Things is changing the way we generate data and how we use it to gain insights, but the challenge is still in how we manage this diverse data and store it in a meaningful way.
    Keywords: Big Data | Data Evolution | Data Workflow | Department | Internet of Things | IoT
    Change is constant in IT, but the rate seems to be increasing, along with the vagueness of one’s role in it. DBAs may need to define their own personal boundaries and embrace the rapid change.
    Keywords: #BigData | #COLLABORATE17 | COLLABORATE 17 | dba | Department
    People are hungry for knowledge at both ends of this big data knowledge continuum, but are we serving anyone in a way that provides them value, or are we simply hoping that things will just work out?
    Keywords: apache | Big Data | Data Evolution | Department | hadoop | Ian Abramson
    The cloud seems like a magical place, but migration to get there might have a difficult path. It depends on customization, how many configurations are being changed, and even maintenance windows. It's time to consider how the cloud can play a role in the database environment.
    Keywords: cloud | COLLABORATE 17 | DBaaS | Department | Michelle Malcher
    The Oracle Cloud, even in hybrid deployments, is the powerful IaaS option that is built, maintained and supported by Oracle, for next-generation Oracle deployments.
    Keywords: cloud | Department | IaaS | infrastructure | Oracle Public Cloud
    Find out how you can contribute to this exciting new content hub.
    Keywords: #COLLABORATE17 | Department | IOUGenius | SELECT
    Since it’s a brand-new year with a Presidential election (hopefully) behind us, it’s the perfect time to look forward to what we as Oracle DBAs should concentrate on so that we can fine-tune our career aspirations in 2017.
    Keywords: #BigData | #BusinessIntelligence | #Cloud | #DataWarehouse | #InternetofThings | #security | Department
    Testing to take the pain out of database upgrades.
    Keywords: DBA 201 | Department | Gary Gordhamer
    In the years that I have worked with databases and DBAs, there is a common phrase that I have frequently heard in the community, “Well, I am just a DBA”. Sometimes that statement is preceded or followed by “What do I know?”.
    Keywords: Department | IOUGenius
    With the release of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for the cloud, the landscape of IT is changing and with it, the technologies that enable that change continue to evolve.
    Keywords: 12c | Department | Seth Miller
    In high school, I worked a couple of summers as an apprentice in the computer department for a county public works division. Like many organizations, all servers and workstations ran some version of Windows.
    Keywords: #Middleware | Department
    One person and one method will not suffice to meet the security threats we are faced with today.
    Keywords: Data Evolution | Department | Ian Abramson

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