5 Experts Weigh in on Oracle’s Autonomous Database

    By: Kristin Fields on Jun 04, 2018

    Oracle’s new autonomous database service, the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, deploys, optimizes, patches and secures itself, all without human assistance. This automation allows for greater performance and efficiencies, and is what Larry Ellison, Oracle cofounder, executive chairman and chief technology officer is calling one of “the most important things” Oracle has done.  

    In a recent article from Forbes, Jeff Erickson, Oracle editor-at-large, spoke with five database experts to get their thoughts on this milestone technology. Included are two IOUG leaders, Jim Czuprynski of Vion Corporation and Michelle Malcher of Extreme Scale Solutions, who is also the executive editor of IOUG SELECT.

    Hear from Jim how this new technology frees up data experts to do more important work, and get Michelle’s thoughts on the improved security functions that can be deployed much more effortlessly.  

    Read the full article here.  

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