A Master (Class) Discussion with Jim Czuprynski

    By: James Czuprynski on Aug 28, 2017

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    September 13 will be a day of learning around Oracle Database 12cR2. Join experts for the Oracle Master Class, which will focus on two of the most compelling features - Multitenancy and Database In-Memory (DBIM) - with plenty of discussion around other pertinent features.

    Over the course of the coming weeks we will sit down with speakers for what we like to call as ‘master (class) discussion’ on their particular session. This week, Jim Czuprynski, Oracle Enterprise Architect, ViON Corporation, gives us the details behind his session (which he will be co-presenting with Charles Kim, Co-founder and President, Viscosity North America), called ‘PDB Me, ASAP! Oracle 12cR2 Multitenant HOL, Part 1’.

    SELECT: For those who have never attended an Oracle Master Class, how would you describe the value?

    Czuprynski: We’re assembling the combined talent of three ACE Directors from two Oracle partners – ViON Corporation and Viscosity NA – to provide a full day of intensive training aimed specifically at Oracle DBAs who want to get up to speed quickly on Oracle Database 12cR2. While you could certainly get this level of deep dives through Oracle University training courses, it might take several days to finally get around to the features that really make the most impact in 12cR2. Best of all, we’ve cut out the marketing hype and are focusing on the skills you’ll need to implement these feature sets in the real world of today’s Oracle DBA.

    : What is the one key takeaway that attendees can expect from your Oracle Master Class session?

    Czuprynski: We’re going to drive really deeply into some of the best new features of Oracle Database 12cR2 that most DBAs haven’t had a chance to experiment with yet. For example, we’ve got a hands-on lab on the latest features of Pluggable Databases in 12cR2 as well as a second track that delves deeply into some of the simply amazing features of Database In-Memory (DBIM) that can dramatically improve application performance, especially for real-time analytic processing.

    SELECT: Please provide a few thoughts on the role of continuing education programs like this for helping professionals in this space continually refine and enhance their knowledge and skillet.

    Czuprynski: Because Oracle University training course usually span 3-5 days, it’s often incredibly difficult for Oracle DBAs to convince their organizations to provide sufficiently in-depth training on precisely what they need as they transition to Oracle 12cR2: a close, hands-on review of the newest features that can offer immense productivity gains for their teams.

    The IOUG Master Class series can fill that gap with a single day of intensive sessions that’s delivered by like-minded professionals in their field so they can take the practical knowledge gained back to their organizations and reap immediate rewards.


    For more information, or to register, click here

    Released: August 28, 2017, 6:37 pm
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