COLLABORATE Session Preview: Filling the Knowledge Gap on SmartDB

    By: Peter Koletzke on Mar 12, 2019

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    A Q&A with Peter Koletzke, COLLABORATE 19 Presenter

    Peter Koletzke is an independent consultant who has worked with Oracle for 30 years, primarily as an application developer using Oracle development tools and PL/SQL. As an application developer, he has created materials for and led over 100 days of in-person, corporate training on Oracle development tools, and served as an adjunct professor and track lead of database technology at Columbia University. 

    Peter has presented at various Oracle technology conferences around the world over 360 times, has had over 50 white papers published in user group journals, and has co-authored eight Oracle Press books. He has received numerous industry accolades, with awards from ODTUG, NYOUG and ECO/SEOUC user groups. In 2005, he was granted Oracle ACE Director status. 

    This year at COLLABORATE, held April 7-11 in San Antonio, Texas, Peter will share his expertise in a session called, “Using SmartDB/ThickDB to Save Cloud Costs and Simplify User Interface Development.” We spoke with him to get a preview of his session and what attendees can expect to learn from it.  

    Why are you presenting on this topic and what is its importance in the field?

    Thick DB ("Thick Database" or "SmartDB" as Oracle calls it) is a development paradigm I've used in application development for over 12 years. Applying the strengths of Oracle PL/SQL by employing this technique yields so many benefits in application efficiency and faster development time that it should be a basic philosophy for all Oracle shops. However, the subject has not received much attention at conferences. Until recently when Oracle started its SmartDB Office Hours, it was not promoted publicly by Oracle, although they have used some version of it internally for many years. My presentation is intended to fill this subject gap at COLLABORATE 19. 

    What are three takeaways you hope attendees get from this session?

    I’m expecting attendees will learn the following from my session:

    • The benefits of Thick Database and how it can simplify application development and save cloud costs
    • PL/SQL code examples for implementing the principles of ThickDB
    • Advice on how to apply it and work with it in your environment
    • Bonus takeaway: How to automatically generate a large amount of startup code 

    Why are events like COLLABORATE important to the profession?

    Since technology moves so quickly, IT professionals need an almost-constant feed of information about current trends and techniques. You can find some of this information on your own by searching the Internet, but it is challenging to find reliable, high-quality sources that explain the topic you are interested in. 

    Books can supply this kind of high-quality information because the content has been highly vetted before publishing. However, information in books can lag behind the trends, and can even become dated very quickly. In addition, you have little access to the authors for follow up discussion.

    In-person events like COLLABORATE are a great source of current, high-quality information. You can attend presentations given by actual users of Oracle technology and hear about topics that match your interests. Most importantly, you can interact with speakers to refine your knowledge and apply it to your situation. I always say that if you learned just one important technique that can save you time and money in a work situation, your time spent at the in-person event was worthwhile. 

    In-person events have always been an important facet in the multifaceted approach to education that IT professionals use to stay effective at work. Not taking advantage of these events means you are missing a key component of your education. 

    Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

    I would highly encourage readers to attend the conference this year, and in the future watch for the same type of quality content promoted under IOUG's reincarnated entity: Quest's "IOUG Database & Technology Community." 

    Also, be sure to attend in-person events of your local and regional user groups for all of the reasons I mentioned before. When you figure out a new and interesting technique, present it to others at your local user group. Presenting a topic is yet one more facet of education because explaining something is the best way to learn more about it.

    I've found the audiences at user groups to be the friendliest and most appreciative audiences of all.

    COLLABORATE takes place April 7-11, 2019, in San Antonio, Texas. Visit IOUG’s COLLABORATE website to register, take a quiz to find the sessions that best meet your needs, and more.

    Released: March 12, 2019, 1:40 pm | Updated: March 21, 2019, 8:25 am
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