DBA - Security Superhero

    By: Morgan Sherlock on Nov 09, 2016

    DBA - Security Superhero

    2014 IOUG Enterprise Data Security Survey

    Joseph McKendrick, Research Analyst

    “With great power comes great responsibility”—Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire)

    When it comes to data security, today’s enterprises are under assault as they never have been before. This year’s Russian hacker breach by “CyberVor” was the most visible example of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, but this incident was only one of many—the news never stops.

    The world needs a hero to step forward. In fact, it needs many heroes with the power and knowledge to step forth and do something about this problem. Database administrators are in the right place, at the right time.

    Data security has evolved into a top business challenge. The challenge continues to grow and the villains are taking advantage lax preventive and detective measures.

    In many ways, it has become an enterprise-wide challenge insearch of leadership. Senior executives are only too painfully aware of what’s at stake for their businesses, but often don’t know how to approach the challenge. This is an opportunity for databaseadministrators and security professionals to work together, takea leadership role, and move the enterprise to take action.

    Who else can we look to as stewards of sensitive intellectual property, personally identifiable and protected health information? Who else has the privileges bestowed upon them to manage and administer this sensitive data? Our heroes, the database administrators have the knowledge and education to secure sensitive data on behalf of organizations and citizens of the known universe. Now is the time for database administrators and security professionals to lead their companies to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats, and address regulatory compliance. As we do each year, the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) surveys a wide range of database security and IT professionals responsible for security, and examines the current state of enterprise data security. 

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