Changing Roles

    By: Seth Miller on Mar 28, 2017

    Changing Roles

    Have you noticed your daily work activities changing? Are the requests for your time different than they have been in the past? Is your role in your organization changing? Are the data sets you are being asked to manage becoming more diverse? Does the title on your business card no longer reflect your daily tasks?

    Managing different types of data is nothing new for an Oracle DBA, but traditionally, the data we were managing was almost always relational, and the amount and growth was predictable. The influx of big data flips this on its head, and the DBAs are usually the first group asked to take the lead when their company’s data changes. Data diversity isn’t just about relational versus unstructured data sets. It is about a shifting landscape in information management, blurring lines between roles in technologies, creating new opportunities for technology professionals and breaking through barriers most did not anticipate could be broken. It is a very exciting time in technology.

    My career as an Oracle DBA started more than 10 years ago. My career has changed so rapidly and dramatically; it’s hard to remember what my day as a DBA looked like a decade ago.

    For the first half of my career as a technologist, I was an Oracle DBA. Five years ago, while my business cards retained the title of Oracle DBA, my role started to evolve when I was asked to support relational databases that were not Oracle. Soon after, an opportunity presented itself to become an Oracle systems engineer. The title was not nearly as vague as the job description.

    This opportunity turned out to be the most difficult and rewarding two years of my entire career. Every day brought with it new customers, new environments and new challenges. The connections I made and the experience I accumulated launched my career into overdrive.

    Now as senior principal software engineer, I am using all of the experience and knowledge I have accumulated since day one as a Junior Oracle DBA to help build solutions that will address the problems and opportunities of data diversity for companies all over the world.

    This isn’t just my story. Throughout the Oracle community, you will find technologists whose careers have been as diverse as the data they manage. They will tell you that on a daily basis, they utilize everything they have learned and experienced throughout their career. Technology and data excite them. They anxiously await new opportunity and embrace the unknown.

    The task of managing traditional Oracle data is not going away anytime soon. In fact, relational databases will continue to grow exponentially. So much so that there just aren’t enough DBAs around to grow with it. Companies are being forced to find more efficient ways to manage data rather than simply adding more personnel. DevOps, Database as a Service and Copy Data Management are perfect examples of solutions created to address scalability and doing more with less.

    So you are ready to embrace data diversity, but often there is the problem of where to start without being overwhelmed. There is no better resource than the Oracle community to help guide your career path, and there is no better opportunity to engage them than through COLLABORATE. The myriad Oracle conferences all over the world feature many of the same individuals that come together in Las Vegas. COLLABORATE is unique in that it is the only Oracle conference put on by three diverse users groups: the Quest Users Group, the Oracle Applications Users Group and the Independent Oracle Users Group. What better way to immerse yourself in diversity than to attend a deliberately diverse Oracle users conference?

    Change is constant in IT, but the rate seems to be increasing, along with the vagueness of one’s role in it. You may need to define your own personal boundaries, as companies will probably no longer provide them through job titles or roles. Embrace the rapid change, and look to the community for help.

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