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    Use Cases for Virtualizing Your Exadata Database Machine

    By Umair Mansoob | Edited by Tim Boles

    Virtualizing an Exadata Machine has become an important deployment decision for many Exadata customers and most of them like to explore or discuss virtualization to see what benefits exist. Keeping that in mind, what follows are use cases where it makes sense to virtualize an Exadata Machine.



    Guide to Modify Pluggable CDB Name, PDB Name, and DBID in Oracle 18c Multitenant Architecture
    By Umair Mansoob | Edited by Michael Gangler

    In this article, author Emad Al-Mousa provides detailed steps for three different changes that can be implemented in a multitenant architecture CDB environment: Changing PDB name; Changing CDB name; Changing Oracle DBID for all PDBs.



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    Machine Learning Demystified 
    A Q&A with Michelle Hardwick, COLLABORATE 19 Presenter

    COLLABORATE 19 session, "Machine Learning Demystified," Michelle Hardwick will bridge that knowledge gap and help DBAs approach machine learning. We spoke with her to hear more about her upcoming presentation. 




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