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    Using Python to Understand Data: A DBA's Perspective

    By Rohith Solomon | Edited by Arup Nanda

    Open source technologies are becoming increasingly popular, including Python programming language, whose popularity can be attributed to the variety of options it provides for visualization and machine learning, alongside the application development and automation. This article will focus on how Python’s graphing libraries can be used to understand data from a database administrator’s (DBA’s) perspective. 


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    What We're Looking Forward to at COLLABORATE 19
    By the SELECT Editors

    We asked the SELECT editors what they’re looking forward to most at COLLABORATE 19, why they keep coming back, advice for fellow attendees, and which sessions they’ve already earmarked. 





    Spinning the List 
    By Jonathan Gennick | Edited by Kristin Fields

    Last month Jonathan Gennick wrote about lists and the thought process in choosing between a bulleted list versus a numbered list, suggested using bulleted lists for collections of items, and numbered lists for sequences of steps. While that’s good advice, some cases can be spun in either direction. Sometimes the decision between a collection of items and process has more to do with your specific approach to a topic than to the nature of the list items.







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