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    By Erik Benner | Simon Pane, Editor

    DevOps automation is often associated only with tools that work with Virtual Machines at the hypervisor or operating system level. Automation is a key technique used to differentiate the DevOps model from the traditional operational model and it can be expanded to work beyond the VMs. In Oracle VM (OVM) environments, much of the automation is provided via Enterprise Manager, but there are other options. In March of 2017, Oracle released Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 12.2 for on-premises clients. This new database version included many new features for the DBA, as well as a few tools that enable DevOps type of automation practices to be driven by the Database Administrator.



    Patching Processes
    By Michelle Malcher

    It comes as no surprise that patching is a very important part of securing the database. Security patches that are released quarterly by Oracle reduce the risk in the environment by closing the door on known vulnerabilities that are addressed in the patch. Since the vulnerabilities are listed, some described more than others, this is information out in the wild. Something that can be picked up on and used to exploit environments.




    Reaping the Rewards from Active Volunteering
    By Michelle Malcher

    It may seem difficult to believe the rewards outnumber the time and effort put into volunteering. When you give a little, you will always be surprised by how much more you get back.



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